Parish Council

Parish councillors are as follows:

Geoff Kilham – Chairman

Richard Gray – Vice Chairman

Monica Mortensson

Mark Dorr

Ann Beasley

John Beasley

We are pleased to announce that following the Parish Council meeting held last night, Tuesday 5th November, John and Ann Beasley were co-opted onto the Parish Council. We look forward to working with them both.

We are however still one councillor short. No experience is necessary, just someone with enthusiasm and love of our village.  We meet bi monthly, so attendance at meetings is only 6 times per year and is very informal.

If you are interested in becoming a councillor, please either contact the Parish Clerk ([email protected]) or Geoff Kilham ([email protected])

Parish Clerk – Gill Welham

Meeting Dates 2020

Code of Conduct

Parish Council Internal Controls and Financial Regulations

Internal Controls P1 Internal Controls P2

Duties of RFO  Financial Regulations

Parish Council Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

3 Responses to Parish Council

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi ,I spoken to the sandringham estate office about a field gun keeps going of seems to come from bowling green area.i understand we have to have these sometimes ,but unfortunately my dog Emily is terrified and takes to running upstairs to Hide under the bed,now she has stopped going in the garden for a wee. The sandringham estate has told me it not there’s do any one know who it belongs to,would like to know when it’s going to stop.kind regards Robert. Paston cottage.

    • Gill Welham says:

      Hi Robert. There is a PC meeting next Tuesday and I will bring this matter up to see if there is anything we can about it.
      I will get back to you after the meeting.
      You could always come along around 7:45/8pm at the start of the meeting to speak to us directly if you wish.

      Many thanks

      • Gill Welham says:

        Following the meeting last night our Chairman, Geoff Kilham said he would speak with the landowner to see if the issue can be addressed.
        I hope this helps.
        Many thanks

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